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.*. Simply Perfect .*.

A Simple Plan Community

Oh, but they're perfect. . . Simply Perfect ♥
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Community dedicated to Simple Plan. Your Mods are Cat boundandbroken, and Sam smugged_makeup

** Please read all the rules before joining **

1) You have to like the band to join.
2) Don't bash the band, or members of the band.
3) Respect the maintainers and other members.
4) If posting images use the CUT TAG otherwise your post will be deleted. Also if you post lyrics/tours dates etc use the cut.
5) Please do not post asking for codes! Posts will be deleted and you will be banned.
6) There is NO PROMOTING other communities, unless you get the maintainers permission.
7) Don't post quiz result or surveys they get annoying after awhile!
8) Icon sharing is allowed. If you post icons, please put them behind a LJ Cut. Don't request icons here. They have communities for that. Don't steal our icons, or any other members icons. If we catch you stealing icons we will personally track you down and beat you.
9) No fighthing with other members! If you are caught fighting with any other member, you will be banned!
10) Have fun!

Simple Plan's "Still Not Getting Any"

Simple Plan's debut album "No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls" released November 19th, 2002

Simple Plan is Love