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*New Single = New Lay-out*

Okay guys...
There is a new lay-out up. You can click here to see it, if you are reading this from your friends page. AS you know I like to do the lay-out differently every time Simple Plan releases a new single.

For those of you who don't know...their new single will be 'Untitled' [How could this happen to me.] Does anyone wonder why they didn't just name it "How Could This Happen to Me?" Anyway.. the wonderful Patrick posted on sp.com that the video is done being shot, and should premiere soon. So keep a look out for the video on TRL. The video is said to be by Patrick the best Simple Plan video to date. Apparently the video is going to be about a drunk driver. Maybe now all the critics could get off SP's back and stop labeling them as "punk" and not having "serious" music. Even though we all know that's not why Simple Plan chose to do their video that way, they don't care what the critics say about them.

As soon as the video is out I will put a banner in the user info of the community that links to MTV.com to the TRL page...so you can vote for their video. This way The Boys will have another #1 video under their belts.

I also added some "I support Simple Plan buttons" in the user info if you want to check them out. I got them from simpleplanrox.com. Show your SP support and post them in livejournals, or your own personal sites. *DO NOT* Hot link them from *MY PERSONAL* photobucket account, or from Simple Plan Rox's personal account. You can use photobucket.com for free, easy online photo albums.

Also if anyone is still interested in the SEB & PIERRE BIRTHDAY PROJECTS please email me @ UnshedxxTears@aol.com for the address where you can send things to. We are still accepting gifts & we will be for a while.

Anyone going to see Simple Plan soon? I'm seeing them May 25th.... can't wait.

Cat <33
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