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Pierre B-day project & Seb b-day project

This post is for anyone who would be interested in sending Pierre And Seb letters, b-day cards, fan mail, or whatever for his birthday....

Me & Sam [your maintainers] will be going to see SP May 25th in Philadelphia. We are trying to get people to send us letters, pictures, graphics, cards, etc. to put into a scrapbook & give to Pierre as a birthday gift even though it would be after his b-day [May 9th]. We are also taking gifts for Seb bec. he's b-day is a week after our show June 5th. We thought this would be a good idea since we meet them every show.

We also had the owners of simplysimpleplan.com post about it, so we could get as many people as possible involved ;)

The info..
+ Gift will be given to Pierre & Seb May 25th.
+ You can send in letters, cards, graphics, banners, whatever as long as it is appropriate.
+ People can send in more than one thing.
+ Please make sure you include your name, and where your from on whatever you plan on sending.
+ Items can be NO larger than 12" [wide] x 10" [long]
+ Please send items out NO later than May 20th at the latest.
+ Please make sure you tell us exactly who it's for since they will be in 2 different books.
+ You can send us stuff for Pierre, Seb, or both.

If you are interested...e-mail me at Unshedxxtears@aol.com and I'll e-mail the address you can send your things to. Please don't comment saying you are interested...because I don't always check comments, and sometimes I don't get them through e-mail.

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