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I have returned [30 Nov 2005|04:46pm]

[ mood | Happy ]

Hey everyone!!!!
Long time no update. . . I know. My computer was really messed up, but I finally got it fixed. I'm happy that it is back up & running.

I'm sure you all know SP has their new single out & it is "Crazy." Of course everytime they come out with a new single, I make a new lay-out. I will do that as soon as everything with my computer goes back to normal. And I will also put the link to TRL in the user info, so you guys can vote for them.

So what does everyone think of the new video? I think it is really good. The videos get better everytime.

Has anyone seen them live lately?? If so and you have pics... post 'em!!!


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[28 Nov 2005|11:25pm]

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[25 Nov 2005|04:09pm]

I was wondering if anyone was at the Vancouver, B.C. show on November 23rd and had pictures? I was in the front row but didn't think of bringing a camera. I would really appreciate it if you had pictures, or knew anyone who went.
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[16 May 2005|09:13pm]

[ mood | ok ]

Hey guys...sorry for the lack of updates. My computer has been retarded lately.

Anyway... so what do you guys think of the "Untitled" video? It's doing good on TRL. I have to say I was mad when I saw the video at first, because I thought Pierre was only in it. Then I noticed Chuck as the cop, and the others. I haven't seen Seb yet. Did anyone else just think it was Pierre?

Only 9 more days until I see them. I'm excited. Of course I'll post about it. I gotta get busy on making Pierre & Seb their scrapbooks for their birthdays. If anyone still wants to send me in some last minute things e-mail me. Sprox319@yahoo.com or if you have Yahoo! messenger you can IM me.

That's it for now... ♥

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Happy B-day [09 May 2005|12:38am]


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they were here! [27 Apr 2005|08:27pm]

SP was finally in the Netherlands! But i wasnt thereee!!
AAhhh, and they were on TMF, omfg!
COme bacccckkkk

And they tasted some food of us here, they liked it =D

Gosh, theyre cool!!

[just thought i shared]

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** SP New Video ** [22 Apr 2005|06:09pm]

[ mood | Tired ]

April 26th Simple Plan's new video for "Untitled" will be shown on TRL. TRL comes on at 5 p.m. on MTV, so make sure you check it out!! Then go to MTV.com & vote for the video to be a part of the TRL countdown.

If you are apart of the Simple Plan Invasion Crew I'm sure you got the e-mail about the Simple Plan Debit Card. If not I got some info for you guys.

This is what the card looks like.

Simple Plan has a new reloadable, prepaid MasterCard Debit card for all their hardcore fans. It's called "MYplash", and now you can carry the band with you wherever you shop. You don't have to be 18* to use it. And since it's not a credit card there's no racking up debt. Remember it's a reloadable cash card that you can use just about anywhere you see the MasterCard logo.
If your under 18, you must ask a parent to sign you up

For more information click here

A Special Thank You goes out to Sam [Splover81]
for allowing me to use her blend she made for the community lay-out.
*PLEASE DO NOT take her work without PERMISSION*
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*New Single = New Lay-out* [18 Apr 2005|09:09pm]

[ mood | Accomplished ]

Okay guys...
There is a new lay-out up. You can click here to see it, if you are reading this from your friends page. AS you know I like to do the lay-out differently every time Simple Plan releases a new single.

For those of you who don't know...their new single will be 'Untitled' [How could this happen to me.] Does anyone wonder why they didn't just name it "How Could This Happen to Me?" Anyway.. the wonderful Patrick posted on sp.com that the video is done being shot, and should premiere soon. So keep a look out for the video on TRL. The video is said to be by Patrick the best Simple Plan video to date. Apparently the video is going to be about a drunk driver. Maybe now all the critics could get off SP's back and stop labeling them as "punk" and not having "serious" music. Even though we all know that's not why Simple Plan chose to do their video that way, they don't care what the critics say about them.

As soon as the video is out I will put a banner in the user info of the community that links to MTV.com to the TRL page...so you can vote for their video. This way The Boys will have another #1 video under their belts.

I also added some "I support Simple Plan buttons" in the user info if you want to check them out. I got them from simpleplanrox.com. Show your SP support and post them in livejournals, or your own personal sites. *DO NOT* Hot link them from *MY PERSONAL* photobucket account, or from Simple Plan Rox's personal account. You can use photobucket.com for free, easy online photo albums.

Also if anyone is still interested in the SEB & PIERRE BIRTHDAY PROJECTS please email me @ UnshedxxTears@aol.com for the address where you can send things to. We are still accepting gifts & we will be for a while.

Anyone going to see Simple Plan soon? I'm seeing them May 25th.... can't wait.

Cat <33

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Pierre B-day project & Seb b-day project [10 Apr 2005|03:56pm]

This post is for anyone who would be interested in sending Pierre And Seb letters, b-day cards, fan mail, or whatever for his birthday....

Me & Sam [your maintainers] will be going to see SP May 25th in Philadelphia. We are trying to get people to send us letters, pictures, graphics, cards, etc. to put into a scrapbook & give to Pierre as a birthday gift even though it would be after his b-day [May 9th]. We are also taking gifts for Seb bec. he's b-day is a week after our show June 5th. We thought this would be a good idea since we meet them every show.

We also had the owners of simplysimpleplan.com post about it, so we could get as many people as possible involved ;)

The info..
+ Gift will be given to Pierre & Seb May 25th.
+ You can send in letters, cards, graphics, banners, whatever as long as it is appropriate.
+ People can send in more than one thing.
+ Please make sure you include your name, and where your from on whatever you plan on sending.
+ Items can be NO larger than 12" [wide] x 10" [long]
+ Please send items out NO later than May 20th at the latest.
+ Please make sure you tell us exactly who it's for since they will be in 2 different books.
+ You can send us stuff for Pierre, Seb, or both.

If you are interested...e-mail me at Unshedxxtears@aol.com and I'll e-mail the address you can send your things to. Please don't comment saying you are interested...because I don't always check comments, and sometimes I don't get them through e-mail.

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[25 Feb 2005|06:08pm]

Sorry i haven't updated in SO long i've been busy
But anyways some of my work are a bit rusty so please forgive me
i dont care bout credit but if you are gunna take any please let me know ^_^

sample: :

were almost 23 and your still mad at meCollapse )
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pictures [25 Jan 2005|06:01pm]

I have some pictures of Simple Plan that I am going to post. I am going to post I think about 7 pictures from the Simple Plan meet & greet I went to at the Jingle Ball show in December. The pics are kind of blurry. They are only that way because I took pictures of the pictures with my camera phone. Because I don't have a scanner. So some are blurry. But you know what they look like. The actual pictures came out so good. Eh, I ♥ them! So I'm gonna post them. NOTE: I would appreciate it if NO ONE took any of my pictures for whatever reason, icons or whatever.

Simple PlanCollapse )
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SP on Making the video [20 Jan 2005|05:40pm]

This is just a little reminder for you guys to let you know that Simple Plan will be on "Making The Video" tonight. Obviously it is the making of "Shut up." It comes on MTV2 at 8 p.m. And they will replay is at 4 a.m. incase any of you will be up ;) Make sure you check it out, especially if you haven't seen the new video yet.

On another note Simple Plan was # 7 on TRL today. They were # 8 yesterday. Keep voting, so they can be number 1. Also I added a banner in the user info... if you click the banner it will take you to mtv.com where you can vote for "Shut up" on TRL.
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[18 Jan 2005|07:47pm]

anyone else notice the back of sebs guitar?! it says "I LOVE JAMIE". lucky bitch.
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[18 Jan 2005|04:54pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey there guys!

I just made a new lay-out for the community. So click here to check it out. Everytime the band puts out a new single, that means the community gets a new lay-out. I like the lay-out, but I'm not crazy about the font color. But I think we will manage. Huh? Let me know what you think.

Also I wanted a new icon for the community. I wanted to know if any of the members wanted to make one? Any takers? I would do it myself, except I suck. I wanted it to flash a picture of all 5 guys, and then have a pic that says "Simply__Perfect." If anyone could do that it would be appreciated. Or you could come up with your own idea. You would be given full credit.

Thanks guys ;)

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[17 Jan 2005|05:42pm]

The new video for "Shut up" is so awesome! It is def. one of the better videos that the band has made so far. We all know the guys are hot, but they all looked AMAZING in the video. The twist at the end.. was so cute. "Are we in the wrong place?... I thought we were." Aw.

The only thing I was disappointed about is that it was only Pierre that went to TRL. Me and Sam were gonna go, but we decided not to because of the weather. I would have been upset if we went and it was only Pierre. But I would still have loved to see him. He looked good too!

Mak sure you guys vote for their new video on mtv.com ♥
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[12 Jan 2005|12:45am]

if you're a real simple plan fan you'll like theseCollapse )
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[11 Jan 2005|06:59pm]


♥ David Desrosiers is black eyeliner sex ♥
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[11 Jan 2005|06:13pm]


~ I'm addicted to Simple Plan ~

Click here to add this to your journal
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[08 Jan 2005|10:22pm]

Simple Plan is releasing their next single "shut up" in a couple of weeks! Check it out...
Windows Media: http://www2.fanscape.com/simpleplan/audio/shutup-wm.aspx
Real Player: http://www2.fanscape.com/simpleplan/audio/shutup-rm.aspx
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[06 Jan 2005|07:16pm]

[ mood | lazy ]

Whats up? Im Jenn and im new... well talk to u all sometime.

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